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Parents' Links
Parents' Links
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  Independent Schools Show
    Finding the right school these days can be like finding a needle in a haystack so the Independent Schools Show is a godsend for parents.
  Top Marks
    Over 1700 selected educational sites, search by keyword, subject and age group.
  BBC Guide
    See the links the BBC has put together of non-BBC sites, check out the schools sections.
  Blackboard Resources
    Resources for the more advanced student 16+ search by topic and sub-topic.
  National Grid for Learning
    Thousands of learning sites to look through; whether you are learning, supporting, teaching or managing, there are resources on the NGfL for you.
    A range of impressive educational resources for A level and University students.
    One million links to educational web sites, linked to the National Curriculum for all ages.
  Department for Education and Skills
    The UK Government's Department for Education and Skills Main Home page.
  BBC's Learning Resource
    The BBC's learning resources pages.
  Bullying - Don't Suffer in Silence
    The Department for Education and Skills Bullying site is packed with new ideas, practical techniques and the valuable experiences of those who have been bullied, or have even bullied others.
  Gifted & Talented
    The DfES site with information on gifted & talented programs and initiatives.
  Guidance on gifted and talented children
    From the National Curriculum site. Providing Guidance about gifted and talented children, definitions, criteria and how to identify them.
  PIN educational software evaluation
    The 'Parents Information Network' have evaluated educational software titles and web sites specifically with home use in mind for the 5-7 year old age groups. The evaluations include star ratings to indicate the quality and educational value of each piece of software or web site.
  Parents at Work
    Visit the Parent Zone containing information for working parents and details of the support on employment rights, childcare and flexible working.
    Parentline Plus is a UK registered charity which offers support to anyone parenting a child – the child's parents, stepparents, grand parents and foster parents. Parentline Plus runs a free phone help line [0808 800 2222], courses for parents, develops innovative projects and provides a range of information.
  Parents' Centre
    The Department for Education and Skills web site on your child's education and how you, as a parent can help.
  Be Safe Online
    This site has been developed to make adults more aware of how to use the Internet safely, so they can encourage safe behavior online among children and young people
  Raising Kids
    Advice and support about bringing up your children.
  BBC's Parenting
    BBC's Parenting - Offering practical solutions to the challenges of everyday parenting
  Tiger Child
    A web site for parents covering many subjects of interest to active parents
  The Daycare Trust
    The Daycare Trust is a charity which promotes affordable, accessible and quality childcare and aims to keep parents informed so they can make confident choices.
  Best Bear
    Loads of information about childcare from nurseries to au pairs.
  Working Parents - DTI Information
    Valuable information from the Department of Trade and Industry on the rights of working parents
  Work Train
    Search for childcare in your area.
  Joint Educational Trust
    Help for children between the ages of 7 and 13 who are "at risk". Usually boarding need, but will consider day cases where there is a clear reason. There must be an element of social deprivation - neither learning difficulties nor financial incapacity alone is enough.
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