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Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ's  
    There are 2,400 schools in the UK which are independent of local or central government control. They are sometimes called fee-paying (or, more accurately, fee-charging) schools because they charge parents fees.
    The aims of an independent school inspection are similar to those for state schools, in that the process is one of evidence gathering through observation of teaching and analysis of monitoring information, to assess how well the school is performing. Click here for reports in your area.
    Schools list facilities that they hire to the general public in the facilities for hire section of our site. Independent Schools are magnificently resourced and their facilities/building are perfect for functions and events such as weddings, corporate meetings, film sets etc...
Parents' FAQ's  
    Visit our resources section and look under the respective links.
    Yes, you may email and we will approach the school directly.
    You can use our advanced search, under the navigation link 'School Search'. You will initially be presented with listings of schools, from where you can find out more on individual schools that display the link 'more information is available for this school'.
    Yes, by submitting to our placement service under the navigation link 'Placement Service' we will search for a school on your behalf.
    We aim to provide every school in the United Kingdom with a minimum of a basic listing. If you school is not currently listed come back at a later date, by which time they will have been approached by us.
    Independent Schools is a rapidly growing site and we already have made a provision to list schools outside of the UK. As we grow more information will be posted on Independent Schools outside of the UK.
    Yes, this site is focused on providing services to all parents, in fact our services are of special benefit to parents abroad as we can act as your single UK point of contact. Parents outside the UK may want to consider our school 'Placement Service'.
Schools' FAQ's  
    We provide free basic listings to any 'Independent Schools', primarily those in the UK, but Independent Schools outside the UK may also register.
    Competition is fierce in the Independent Schools sector and any promotional opportunities, especially to a medium with a large captive audience, should be taken advantage of. If you do not promote your school on our site, another school will!
    Once you have registered with us its quick and easy to upgrade your basic listing to an advanced listing/full page. This is done through our advanced school administration system. It only costs £225.00 to upgrade (then £225.00 per annum) and you can also benefit from our other advanced services, such as posting employment vacancies, promoting your school's courses and facilities and receiving up to date stats on your page.
    Yes, all schools with an 'advanced listing' can promote their courses, 'English Language', 'Activity' etc via our site for no additional cost. Visit our courses section.
    Yes, all schools with an 'advanced listing' can promote their various facilities online to a worldwide audience for no additional cost. Visit our facilities for hire section.
    Yes, schools with an 'advanced listing' can advertise employment vacancies to a large target audience of teachers and support staff via our site for no additional cost. This limits the need for high advertisement costs in other media. Visit our staff recruitment section.
Teachers and Support Staff FAQ's  
    Yes, all school with advanced listings can advertise their employment vacancies through our staff recruitment section. This is for teachers and support staff.
    Yes, you may email and we will approach the school directly.
    Information is available for teachers and support staff in our resources section, but you can also contact outlining your query/request and we will do our best to assist you. You may now also visit our Online Community/Forum where members (including Independent Schools Specialists) are on hand to answer your questions)
If you have a specific question please email
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